Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Erased James Franco

(This is non-fashion related, though James is so good looking I guess you can consider this fashion related.)

He looked so good that he made me look really awful.

I am very fortunate to say that this past Sunday I got to meet my one and only favorite actor James Franco twice. Yes, twice.

It was an all day (1pm-10pm) film event in San Francisco which I anticipated for almost 2 months! Screenings of "Safe" and James Franco's favorite episodes of "Freaks and Geeks" at the SFMOMA. And then screening of "Seconds" and the West Coast premier of "Erased James Franco" at the Castro Theater. James Franco appeared at both events.

At SFMOMA, I had thought he left right after he introduced and talked about "Freaks and Geeks", so i was a bit upset so my bf and i decided to go eat instead. At that point, I had given up completely. We walked back to the garage an hour later and as we were waiting to pay for parking, from the corner of my right eye, I saw a group of men walking and I spotted a leather jacket. I turned my head and there walked by James Franco, Carter (the artist who wrote and directed the film), and the curator! I literally froze for 3 seconds before i managed to say JAMES! JAMES! I was literally shaking inside but somehow I managed to remain calm on the outside and didn't make a fool out of myself (well not too much at least) haha. He was so nice, we took pictures and he signed my ticket and took time to draw a smiley face on there with a lot of dots (freckles maybe? ahhhh cute!) I told him I'll be seeing him again later that night in the Castro and he was like GREAT! I can't believe it happened like that. Had we not parked at that garage, had we not gone to eat, had we not walked back to the garage at that exact time... none of this would have happened. What was amazing was that not one single person was there! Seriously, the event was 90% girls and 10% guys, so I was really lucky!!!

Second event... we got to Castro early, they showed "Seconds" first and then "Erased James Franco", it's more a performance art based on Robert Rauschenberg's drawing "Erased de Kooning". Anyways, they did Q&A afterward and then I got to meet James again outside as he was leaving! Tons of people then but what can I complain! Took another picture with him in his second outfit! So happy!!!

Ahhh so adorable!

And I have the greatest bf who didn't complain at all the entire day and even surprised me with a limited edition signed "Erased James Franco" poster! Ahhhh! This happened two days ago but I still can't get James out of my head. I like him even more now! Oh boy...