Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Where Are The Furry Things?

At last! I took a few pictures of the fur garment I said in several past posts. I got this false fur garment with this astonishing neckline and sleeves for $11 briefly back. I adore it however what I've genuinely been looking for is the ideal panther fur garment. Also only three days prior I discovered it!!! It's totally great! Flawless size and length, super adorable neckline, and wonderful red silk lining! The most beautiful thing about this layer is that the panther hide has an "angle" impact... I'm not certain in the event that you can see it in the pictures however the color of the hide transforms from a darker camel shade to a lighter cream color all through the whole layer. It's so novel! Gracious, and I got this one for $12.50! twelve dollars and fifty pennies! It's similar to Christmas yet surprisingly better!

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